I'm not a rabbit...

but if you go to the Vroman's website, you'll see they are promoting my event next Friday with a photo of the world's largest rabbit. I sent them an actual author photo, so I'm not sure how this happened. And it is kind of funny. But I'm hoping they fix it because if I were deciding whether or not to attend the event, I think it would confuse me.

Meanwhile, I've spent most of the week expressing my concern that there seems to be a shortage of books. I've been assured that there are plenty. I've been assured that Amazon will list the book as available any day now. In fact, Amazon now lists it as shipping in two weeks, which is when the second printing is due. A few stores on the west coast don't have any copies for my events with them, but I'm sure we'll work something out. Ingram also has back orders of nearly 400 copies.

Of course, this a good problems to have. A bad problem is when you insist there aren't enough copies of the book and discover there are PLENTY.


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