Rosanne Cash's New Orleans promise

Okay, it wasn't really a promise, but I think Rosanne is coming to town.

Rosanne has a great new disc out called Black Cadillac, and the other day I dropped her a line via her website to tell her how much I liked it. And I asked, in all caps: PLEASE COME PERFORM IN NEW ORLEANS. It has been a little surprising how few performers have come to entertain. I mean I understand it isn't quite the same market that it used to be, but for all the talk of supporting the city, you'd think some more folks would show up just to make a point of it.

Rosanne's response: "I'm working on it."

Three years ago, literally as we went to war with Iraq, I was interviewing Rosanne Cash as CNN played in the background. You can read that interview in the Salon archives.


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