Sunday, January 01, 2006

WARNING: Major dog food recall

Just before Christmas, Diamond recalled dog food manufactured at its South Carolina plant. Tests confirmed that it contained high quanitities of aflatoxin, which is produced by fungus growth on corn. Dogs have been dying from liver failure because of this contamination. One woman lost five dogs to the stuff. The list of products:
Diamond Premium Adult Dog Food
Diamond Hi-Energy Dog Food
Diamond Maintenance Dog Food
Diamond Professional for Adult Dogs
Diamond Performance Dog Food
Diamond Puppy Food
Diamond Low Fat Dog Food
Diamond Maintenance Cat Food
Diamond Professional Cat Food
Country Value Puppy
Country Value Adult Dog Food
Country Value High Energy Dog Food
Country Value Adult Cat Food
Professional Chicken & Rice Adult Dog Food
Professional Puppy Food
Professional Large-Breed Puppy Food
Professional Reduced Fat Cat Food
Professional Adult Cat Food

People have often made fun of my obsession with buying quality food for my dogs. This is a perfect example of why. In fact, corn is not digested by dogs and is added by manufacturers in order to bulk up the volume of the food so that people think they are getting more for their money. True premium foods have no filler--they cost more, but you feed less.

Unfortunately, Wellness, which I've used for five years, just "enhanced" its formula. The enhancements include extrusion rather than baking, and the addition of chicken meal and "natural flavors". After a month on the food, Zephyr is still having trouble with it. Trouble includes vomiting bile in the morning. The company--which is generally great--says this may be due to the new version being more highly digestable, which means her stomach is producing too much digestive fluid. They suggest I feed her more often, throughout the day. I'm trying her out on Solid Gold's Wolf King instead.


felicia said...

I serve my pet all-organic (or almost all organic) food. What about these brands:

Pet Guard
Whiskers (amazing!) - they have a store in the east village, which i went to yesterday, and they are incredibly knowledgeable, and have a great mail order website. They also read me off a list of brands that I should be feeding my pet.
Newman's (would you believe they make pet food)
Karma Organic Dry Dog Food
Nutro (non-corn, I believe)


kfoz said...

Hey, thanks for the suggestions. I actually would love to use Newman's, but no one carries it in New Orleans--not even Whole Foods. Pet Guard seems to include soy, which isn't that great for dogs either. Karma is insanely expensive. And Nutro is OK, but still has some odd things in it--wheat, etc. Of course, part of the problem is that everything is limited these days in New Orleans.

Anyway, the Solid Gold seems to be fine--and the dog's coats have never looked better. It's made bison and salmon--yum!

felicia said...

if you want, I could buy a bunch of Newman's and send it to you if you'd like (and you can mail me $ or something)...Drop me an email if you're interested.
cheers, f.

bison - yum!

Afriend said...

You might want to research Solid Gold more thoroughly. Sissy and her gang have been around a long time and have run into some law suits.

What about Innova?

kfoz said...

Yeah, I know Innova has made some claims against the claims made by Solid Gold. But as far as the Innova ingredients go: I'm not sure my dogs would do well with milk, eggs and cottage cheese in their food. California Natural looks like it has potential...but they don't have it in New Orleans right now.

I really should probably just make my own, but I'm not quite at that breaking point yet!

kfoz said...

Hey, Afriend, I looked around to find those law suits you mentioned, but couldn't find anything at all. If you have some info, please provide it with links. thanks!!!

pitbullmom said...

I have fed SG for years with no "smart" once and tried Wellness, thought they'd do better on it - needless to say it was ugly. Poopies - it was a debacle. There's all sorts of crap out there about all sorts of dog food, my herd of pit bulls have thrived on all varieties of Solid Gold. No I am not a breeder, just a rescuer and fancier. Newman's - there was a issue about the chicken - Innova - it's not a proven food yet, and what's the parent company? Evo? Wasn't there a bad batch of that out there killing dogs? Merrick is a good line, for younger dogs I'd say (higher meat/fat content) but be prepared for some WICKED gas. The Wilderness Blend has bison and venison. Good luck.

afriend said...

Raid: Solid Gold Pet Foods - Sep., 1989

Address: 1483 N. Cuyamaca, El Cajon, CA 92020

Phone: (619) 465-9507 (Sissy Harrington McGill, Owner)

Reason: FDA had been harassing McGill over labels on her holistic pet food products. In March 1990, an FDA agent seized products from her store without a search warrant and shut down her store. On July 12, 1990, after being indicted, she chose a jury trial. Upon appearing for her trial, she was clapped into leg irons, put into a Maximum Security Federal Prison for 179 days, and fined $10,000. While incarcerated she suffered a near fatal stroke.

Outcome: McGill sued the Department of Justice and won a victory on Feb. 20, 1992. She expects to file a $25,000,000 lawsuit against the FDA.