Monday, September 12, 2005

The Louisiana SPCA needs your support

I've been getting a ton of email from concerned folks regarding the animal rescue efforts in New Orleans, and increasingly it seems that no one is recognizing the efforts of the local SPCA. While it is wonderful that so much help has come in from other animal organizations around the country, I'm a little irked that they seem to be getting all the press. It is as if the LA-SPCA has been forgotten.

The LA-SPCA is located near the Industrial Canal (and not far from my own home). They evacuated all of the animals in their shelter on the Friday before the storm hit. They do this any time there is even a hint of a hurricane. After the storm, they were without offices, electricity or phones, not to mention without many of their staff and volunteers who had also been evacuated. They set up a temporary shelter in Gonzalez, which had 3000 animals the last I heard, and a staff of something like six people. Their limited staff has been taking instructions from distraught owners and breaking into homes to rescue their animals--yet they have been criticized for not taking in all the strays along the way.

Obviously, they need assistance, and many other groups have come in to help. But these groups, including the Humane Society, have the benefit of not being under water. And now I see that these outside groups are also issuing press releases and soliciting contributions.

Why is the LA-SPCA ignored in these press stories? Because they are too busy trying to survive. They don't have time to talk to the press. But they do need supplies, contributions, and all kinds of help to get these animals into safe places and, if possible, reunited with their owners. They will also have a lot of work to do to rebuild their organization after the waters recede.

Please visit the LA-SPCA Website and see what you can do.

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