Pit bulls banned in Rio

Rio has joined the many idiotic cities, states and countries who have banned pit bulls in a effort to...I'm not sure what they think this will do. The idiotic logic of these bans is enough to make me want to maul someone. PETA supports breed bans as the only way to keep the dogs from being abused. Let's ban children too then. Meanwhile, Rio has one of the highest murder rates in the world, and they have spent six years debating what to do about pit bulls.

Banning the dogs won't make the owners any less abusive or irresponsible--they will simply move on to another breed. Also, by banning the breed, they are creating a huge black market, which will make illegally, poorly bred dogs that much more of a money-maker.

What is really curious to me is that in New York City, with nearly 1 million dogs living in close quarters, many of them pit bills, maulings like the ones in San Francisco, Austrailia and elsewhere are unheard of. One would think, if it was such a dangerous breed, that there would be a New Yorker dead at least every five to seven days.

It seems to me that if the time, money and effort currently being directing into banning the animals was redirected to enforcing animal welfare laws, there wouldn't be a problem at all.


Betsy said…
How the hell do you ban an entire group of dogs anyway? Go around door to door?
kfoz said…
Well, yes. In Rio you can't take a pit bull out of your house except between the hours of 10pm and sometime early in the morning. In other words, its ok if you do it under cover of darkness like any other "crime."

In some American cities, like Denver, people have had to smuggle their dogs out after bans have taken effect, because if they were caught with a pit bull in their car they'd be fined. It is absurd.
Betsy said…
Sara said…
Hi Ken Foster,

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