Amazon Responds

I just received this email from Amazon regarding the sale of my books as eBooks on their site. It's all Ingram's fault (isn't that always the case?):

Greetings from

Thank you for contacting regarding these ebook listings.
We recently received incorrect data from Ingram,'s sole
supplier of ebooks which may concern the items mentioned below. Due
to a technical glitch, a number of false ebook records were added to
the site temporarily. However, these listings are now
in the process of being removed, and will no longer appear on our
site within the next 2-3 days. Please accept our apologies for any
inconvenience you may have experienced due to this error.

Please don't hesitate to contact us again should you have any
further questions, and thanks for your interest in

Best regards,

Tony S
Book Catalog Department, Inc.


Betsy said…
Wow, that's a relief.
case said…
the hills are alive with the sound of music
kfoz said…
cut to: Case Miller, in a bonnet, running across Swiss mountaintops with his arms outstretched...
Umm, but do they owe you money? Riddle me that, Amazon.
Anonymous said…
Ooops--I'm sorry I commented to your other post about this. I came to that post directly, through MJ Rose's link; should have read your main blog page before posting. Duh, Fran!
Rebecca Skloot said…
Um, what about, "Sorry for the convenience and here's the money we owe you ..." which is precisely what they should have said.

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