My new house in New Orleans

Bywater House
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I've had some complaints about my lack of posting this week. It's because I've been looking for a house to rent in New Orleans...and this is it! Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to post more than one picture at a time, but here are the details: it is a few blocks from where I'll be teaching, and it has three rooms, a kitchen, bathroom with clawfoot tub, and a huge back yard with banana trees. There is a park/dogrun a block away, as well as a recording studio, grocery store, po'boy shop, junk shop, two bars, and, directly across the street, a voodoo shop.

Best of all: there is a pancake recipe written on the kitchen door.


Betsy said…
That looks supremely cool, and I hope you make those pancakes.
c said…
You're making it difficult to abstain from PoPul Vuh quotes right now, I hope you know this.
Lisa in TLH said…
What's your new address?
felicia said…
v. cool, Ken! I plan on heading out there in the late fall to see some friends and do some SSN stuff. Let's def. connect.

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