My Crazy Pit Bulls

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Sula has befriended a man that works at the florist across the street, and she pretty much refuses to go into the backyard in the morning because she wants to go visit him, or nothing. Yesterday she came back having been petted all over and Brando sniffed every inch of her, then on his walk he traced her steps to the middle of the florist parking lot and sat exactly where she had met her friend. He sat waiting to meet this man, but no one showed up.

This morning Sula went over again, and when she came back I took Brando immediately (because he'd been crying the whole time we were gone) and he practically lept into this man's arms. It was as if he had been reunited with an old friend, and he tried everything possible to climb into the man's truck.

Now I'm worried that this guy knows my mean dogs aren't really very mean.


Lisa in Tally said…
Knowing them, it is difficult to believe that they would be mean in the first place...unless they sit on you or something.
Case said…
I think this blog should be more "sula-centric". As such, I feel this post is moving in that direction. I applaud (sic!) you.
j said…
...unless they sit on you or something.

Even when they sit on you, it is an affectionate sitting. Slightly intimidating, but affectionate nonetheless.

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